Amir XYZ

It's that Emacs time of the year again...

March 09, 2019


Emacs time of the year

It's that time of the year, you know it, the time to try Emacs again!
I'm a die-hard Vim and lately NVim user. Also SpaceVim is nice for me. But I'm always complelled to try and use Emacs as a thing. I'm not sure why.

Maybe it's because it seems to me the elisp in conjunction with Emacs' architecture is more capable, even with today's somewhat shaky neovim/python integration. Maybe it's because I want all my things in the same place because it seems cool. Maybe it's because I saw Guido use it on some video. Maybe it's the white background.

I know! It's just that in Vim I use to type fast and, just like in my guitar playing, I keep making mistakes because I don't practice enough and also slow enough in order to gain speed. In Vim, when that happens, the world breaks and all your file is deleted or shifted around and whatnot.

In Emacs, I always felt the need to 'take it slow' and be overall a more quiet and calm person where in Vim I get anxious and mad. Hmm.

The thing is, I never managed to continue very much in my Emacs quest. Last time was a big progress though, as I created a repo with my .emacs.d. And this time, I feel there might be even more progress as I made peace with myself and looking on other people's setups and tips like emacsrocks or that parens of the dead sites. Side note: electric pair mode seems cool.

Using the arrow keys is cool btw, also in Vim. Sometimes you just put your hands away from the letter keys and navigate the document like a dork.

Pro audio updates

I found You can hire people there to mix, master, play, and most valueable for me, sing on your song!

One of my songs, the Ferret Hero song, has a terrible version (linked) of me singing it. So I wanted to get a real singer, and I found someone and now got real vocal tracks. I'll have to mix that though and my xp-level in mixing is rusty and low as well, so it'll take me a few tries until I upload the "proper" version with the real singer.

Because it's so cool, I decided that I'll take several singers, each with his/her own song or two, because it feels cool and makes me look smarter as a composing artist.

ReWire'ing Cubase and Notion

Other than that, I'm trying to ReWire Notion to a Cubase master to try new methods of composing. Composing straight to Cubase, well, it's not always the most intuitive to me, in terms of melody or orchestration, so I'll try to combine the two programs together. This is for composition only as later on I will record the violins/whatever with my real midi controller and edit eternally in Cubase until the song sounds awesome.

Guess what? Notion is coughing. It doesn't play well as a ReWire slave when I either playback the song or export it. I've contacted PreSonus' support after trying their troubleshooting in vain and am waiting for fixes.

I don't feel like writing anymore. Bye. Hello.