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Overcoming a composer's writing block and reviving my Croc farm app

February 23, 2019

What's up? I'm not sure what I did this week, but I'll mention the cooler things I did. Let me start with overcoming some block I had in my Sea Song and then rant about Google Cloud Platform and my Croc farm app.

I had a composer's block and I won the battle muaddib

I'm working on a Sea Song. It's funny.

Got stuck. Had to forget my "grand song plan" in order to make progress.

While working on this song (and others, actually), I always have a "grand plan" of some sort that I always sing in the shower. The part where all the cool music ends and the solo comes (It's a metal song) was all great in my head, but once I got to the recording or laying out the skeleton for the song (I wanna write about that sometime), I couldn't get into the solo section like a nice person. I was stuck for weeks until I said: "call my grandma from the grave, I need advice".

So grandma told me to forget about my grand plan for a while and just let some creative juices take control. With all the might of my recent composition studies and some random experience from the past, such as how cool it is to go from IV in major to I in minor, I stole from every Symphony X song and made a really cool passage that sounded awesome! Woohoo! Block broken! A session after that I programmed drums (with Steven Slate Drums which are awesome) and it came out so amazing that I will not play it to anyone except my girlfriend that hears that just because she's around. I don't want to ruin the 'first hear' for anyone, and I am positive I'll get there, just like my Ferret Hero song.

To sum up this boring tale, just remember you are not a robot and that you are an artist (if you are an artist).

What is Croc farm and why do you like GCP?

Croc farm (link might be down actually) is em... a service? where you paste some text and get a link that's easy to remember so you can type on another machine and get your text. We'll support files too at some point. These links are deleted after a while or some other criteria.

At Gatks, my fun-hours team, we searched for a cheap solution currently that our funds are low and we don't make any money. I first thought of a Digital Ocean droplet but then found that GCP gives a tiny VM as part of a free tier. Being on GCP before and submitting to the ruler of the world, Google, I created an instance and ran our Ansible playbook that worked, almost.

After tweaking some things the site was running but gave errors in debug mode which I don't like. I decided to fire up my Python editor which for some reason is VS Code and clean up the backend code a bit. It looks better now. Will need to tweak the Dockerfile a bit and then make it work with a PRODUCTION env var so you won't see our SQLALchemy errors.

We are using Ansible to manage the VM with Docker installed and compose scripts running on it. This is a preparation for the long run where we'll run K8S. Dockerize everything!

Oh, and also...

I think I'll write my Sea Song solo with Notion 6, the notation software I purchased not long ago. It seems that when I hit a wrong note on the guitar I get all confused. Maybe with writing notes using the computer keyboard will help me accomplish the exact solo I have in my brain.

k, bye,