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Notion 6 scoring software and some notes about Pomodoro Technique breaks

February 16, 2019

Hey ho. Today I wanna write something about Pomodoro Technique "breaks" and also some scoring software. There's even a screenshot below of an unrelated thing.

What is a "Pomodoro Break"?

I don't know about you, but when I hear "break" I imagine myself resting on a couch with a purrpurring cat on my belly.

NO. After using the Pomodoro Technique for a few years, I came to realize that this break is indeed, as written somewhere, checking a message or email on the phone, browsing some stupid site reading something irrelevant for a few moments, and the like. Far from lying on a couch eating bananas.

Taking a break from the main thing you're doing does not mean you have to get up from your desk and dance, forgetting all about your work. I found that just like when jogging, you can cut down some pace for 100-200m and then get back to the proper speed. So cut down some piece of brain and put them back together again.

And of course, after 4 Pomodoros, the long break is when you should eat your bananas.

When I do practice Pomodoros at my day job I am usually more productive by the end of the day. My short breaks were brief so my brain could still ponder about the next Pomodoro without being a monkey.

I bought Notion 6 for some reason, and I'm both sad and happy

Notion 6. For some reason, I needed a notation software. The reason was that MuseScore was not feeling creative enough and did not yield properly printed sheets and did not play chords that are not in actual notes (e.g. not playing "Dsus4/7"). Eyeing Notion 6 for a while, I decided to demo it for a day and then bought it.

My other option was Sibelius as it's an industry standard and my teacher uses it, but in past experience, I hated the interface and wanted to die. The subscription pricing is interesting but I decided against it, as after a few months I'd be paying as much as Notion and I didn't like the feeling of a tax for my creativity. There are similar thoughts for Steven Slate subscriptions, but that's mixing and I might actually buy that someday.

So I got Notion 6. What a piece of garbage (hint: it's ok, I got by, I'm actually using it).

The two big bugs that are terrible were that some chords were playing wrong(!!). I wrote "G#dim" and it played "Gsomething". A different root! Wow. Garbage. I saw an open issue about that and I believe they'll be fixing these stuff but seriously...

Then, I believe it was on the line of the problematic chord, the playhead was visually erasing the score as it passed. Visual glitch. Very unprofessional. Might be related to having a too-good graphics card.

Adding to that, I had to write chords on a different staff so they play alongside the main single staff for piano melody. Because chords above the staff only play when you put rhythm symbols beneath them, then you cannot have chords and notes on the same staff (unless, see below). I ended up hiding the chord staff after copying its chords into voice 4 of the piano staff. Interesting solution but if I change a chord and forget to update the chording on voice 4 then poop.

Notion 6 and chords

So a wise person would put rhythm symbols on voice 4, right? But you can't hide notes or rhythm symbols. You can hide many things, but not these. There's an open issue on that.

Another thing is when changing time signatures then writing about the tempo changes, I didn't find where to use note=note instead of note=120. Not sure even how it's called, but probably my imaginary Sibelius can do that.


I believe I'll have more updates on Notion. My gut feeling is that I'll like it a lot at the end. For people reading this is as a review, the points I gave are not deal breakers, especially if fixed by PreSonus.

Android split screen is cool and sorry for the night light

Finally, a usage to that funny split-screen functionality on Android. I started practicing what I call The Power Metal Guitar Teacher Exercises. I used Multi Timer and Soundbrenner Metronome, the former which I purchased the pro version because they are worth it. Great app.

Metronome and Timer on Android for guitar practice