Amir XYZ

OCRmyPDF is cool and my cats got ears

February 01, 2019

Hello. Let's see what I recall doing this week...

Harps, OCR for PDFs, Larvae, and Godot

I've just used ocrmypdf. Google was nice to offer me a scanned PDF book about orchestration. Being on my Windows 10 machine I had to use Ubuntu via WSL. Guess what, it seemed to work very good! Now I can search for "The Harp" and understand how it works (it's rather cool).

I didn't make much progress on the larvae game, but I think I'll have some time on the weekend to continue. Godot is interesting, it's limited but open source and thus have its appeal. Using the built-in code editor is cool but I'm too much of a Vim user. There must be a LSP for GDScript out there somewhere begging for me to participate in development but I need to be more into Godot before that.

Open Source, PR for stmux

Talking about contributing to open source, a few weeks ago I hacked and submitted a PR to stmux (my fork here). It's a terminal multiplexer for node. I wanted to have my Jest test script running side-by-side the npm start of, I think it was a create-react-app based app (in TypeScript). Being a believer in Developer Experience or DX alongside UX I wanted a single npm command to open all the necessary tools for development in one terminal.

The problem with stmux however, is that it’s meant to be use as an active tool, like tmux, and not as a passive multiplexed viewer. So Ctrl+C on it will not close it (i.e. exit the dev npm task). My PR introduced a flag in the command line that catches Ctrl+C early in the keyboard handling process and just quits stmux altogether. The project does not seem to be actively maintained so my PR might not be merged anytime soon, if ever.

Good night

Not much to write now, and I want to be doing some stuff before going to sleep. Maybe play some piano. I also need to give the cats some ear-drops. So enough blogging for now.