Amir XYZ

Hello again - Aliens, SpaceVim, Godot, and cloud timers

January 26, 2019

Hello, I'm Amir and I decided to write a bit again. The inspiration to actually write things is from's blog], which I should check again because they looked cute, talkative, smart and very creative.

SpaceVims, Aliens and Netflix

I've just watched (didn't finish yet) a documentary titled "Unacknowledged" on Netflix about UFOs and Aliens. Sounds like they exist. It reminds me of the time I saw something myself. At the train station of Netanya where I was working at the time, there was some white thing at night which seemed like a star but it was a bit too low. A nearby factory was there with some smoke coming out so I had some point of reference to the star. Then it started moving to the right and I was puzzled. It accelerated far faster than any aircraft or drone (that were not common at the time) and then disappeared. So that's my UFO and I was a bit fuzzy and happy actually that I saw something like that. Oh well.

Also, I'm giving SpaceVim a test-drive. It's a bit but here are some of my notes:

Godot larvae game

There's this game I'm working on, with a warrior chasing larvae and killing them (huge larvae). Part of my imaginary fantasy world since 4th grade. My current phase of gamedev is to learn how to create fun games. To get the gameplay right. I am trying to strip down everything else like they say you should on all gamedev beginner tips.

Godot is my engine of choice. I already made the same skeleton on Unity and Unreal but decided to rebuild things in Godot because I like not-working on the important parts. Staying in open-source land makes me fuzzy inside. I'm also trying to use Neovim as my editor in Godot. I wonder how that will work with SpaceVim...

Amir XYZ

A facelift of my XYZ blog should also be done. I need to look at some inspiration designs so I don't make something like it's 2010's again. I'm using Lektor which gives me second thoughts but trying to fight my refactoring syndrome (like in the larvae game) I don't think I'll migrate the content just yet.


An app I'm working on is MyTimerCloud or It's... well... timers in the cloud. You could create, start and pause or stop timers and have them synced between devices.

Today, following some TDD advice, I tried to make the whole end-to-end chain of the app's architecutre online, even if minimal or blank, so I will have the whole thing alive and deployable. This way end-to-end tests can be more reliably built and deploy surpirses would be minimized when time comes.

I fired up a Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster and found out that the smallest node is the $10 one and not $5 as it was a few months ago. Oh well. It's only a few hours experiment. Then I realized I created a Load Balancer as well. A quick look at the prices of DO LBs showed they cost $10/month so I was like, emm, $20 cluster for my funny playground? I contacted their support to be clarified and in the meantime instsalled minikube and destroyed my cluster. In the end it's all gonna be on our GCP.

By "our" I mean me and my team of friends, which we call Gatks. And by "friends" I mean mostly me and my ol' friend Tom. There are some more dudes there, friends of his, and we are all learning things and me and Tom are working on more real-life projects. At least for now.


Hmm, I feel good about writing. It reminds me of my log.txt I keep at work. It helps getting things sorted out a bit and probably prove useful in the future as I'll have better Google rankings. Good night for now, I think I'll try working on my game a bit and then go to sleep; not before I upload this post.

Ciao! Amir