Amir XYZ

Cubase won't load your project? The magic is in %APPDATA%

August 14, 2018

So yes, I was working on my project and I really want to finish this stuff. However, this morning (noon actually) when I loaded the project on Cubase all seem to load nicely but when that was done, Cubase just quit with no explanation - right before showing the edit screen. What a great piece of software (I like working on it though).

I once had similar trouble and I remember a friend helping out. Turns out that deleting this folder (or renaming it "*.old" in case something goes wrong and you need to revert), resets something Cubase-y for the good.

Just type %APPDATA% in the File Explorer or in Run and you'll get there in case you didn't know.

The victim folder

Don't worry about your custom shortcuts to Key Commands. They are magically saved, I guess somewhere else. You can backup them before in the Key Commands section in Cubase, which doesn't load. But hey, maybe it loads without opening a project? Or you can always revert that "*.old" folder and take the key shortcuts file from there!

Cubase runs again. Continue mixing. Bye!

How strange, in my screenshot, the folder I renamed as .old is for Cubase 9 and not 9.5. There's a newly created folder for Cubase 9.5 which is probably the one replacing the buggy 9. Well, if it works...