Amir XYZ

Using an nginx docker container for serving frontend and backend under the same port

October 09, 2019

Instead of installing nginx system-wide, use a docker container.

It's that Emacs time of the year again...

March 09, 2019

Why am I doing it to myself? I'm trying to use Emacs again instead of Vimming. And some update about hiring real singers for my songs.

Overcoming a composer's writing block and reviving my Croc farm app

February 23, 2019

I wanted to share advice for myself in case I get stuck while composing Metal songs. After that, I describe a bit what I was doing for Croc farm, my awesome tool/app/thing that I'm reviving this weekend instead of working on cloud timers.

Notion 6 scoring software and some notes about Pomodoro Technique breaks

February 16, 2019

OCaml, Reason, Revery, PySimpleGUI, friends forever

February 08, 2019

OCRmyPDF is cool and my cats got ears

February 01, 2019

Hello again - Aliens, SpaceVim, Godot, and cloud timers

January 26, 2019

Cubase won't load your project? The magic is in %APPDATA%

August 14, 2018

Was working on a project. The day after Cubase will load the project but then just quit. A tip from an old friend: just delete this one folder and Cubase is back in business. It's under %APPDATA% -> Steinberg/Cubase/<cubase version>.

Bluetooth audio stutters on Android; found a fix

August 03, 2018

This is for future me reminding myself how to fix a bluetooth audio stutter. Disable BT in location settings.

An approach for using Trello to stay focused daily

April 26, 2018

I present a way I currently use to sort-out what I'm doing and stay focused in my daily life.