Prefer simple markdown link names

Did you ever read one of those markdown README files with your favorite text editor which is neovim? Were you ever bothered with them being completely unreadable because of URLs and long lines and stupid formatting?


This happens to me a lot. Just because GitHub automatically renders your markdown syntax pretty in the website does not mean it should be hideous from inside. Just like you make your code pretty, you should make your documentation source pretty.

Hi, welcome to the best README

I am a bunny.

Amir is a name of a person

Consider following [this link][1] because it's nice.
You may also try [Google][2].

## Don't be afraid of optional trailing hashes ##

Sometimes, especially when not using ==== and ----, they
are essential for your document to be pleasing toT the eye.


Everytime I see something like the following:

I want you to visit my [awesome website][my-awesome-website-link-new-domain-with-pigeons]
and say how many pigeons do you see.


…I want to world to cease spinning and let everyone burn by the sun’s cosmic rays. Consider:

I want you to visit my [awesome website][1]
and say how many pigeons do you see.


Everytime I hear that R.E.M. song where he says “consider this:” in the middle of the verse, I image that bald guy showing the middle finger to some stupid chick. Consider this mothafucka!!@$

Be polite. Keep your markdown readable. They are meant to make text render into pretty HTML, but not replace text altogether.

And a tip to real people who use vim or neovim or evil-mode:

Write the title of your section and easily create a ---- or ==== beneath it. Just yyp to duplicated the line and <S-v>r= or -. I know I’m saying vim bindings are the best thing in the world but I am not all-vim-knowing and  sure you can find a better key sequence than mine. I’d be happy to hear you, or your thoughts about pretty markdowns!